How The Yii Framework Can Be Used For Application Development In Three Easy Steps?
Yii Is An Open Source Object Oriented Component Based MVC PHP

If you are thinking of making Web 2.0 applications (meaning you want to make new websites that allow visitors and users to interact with one another online in dynamic ways), the Yii framework could be the solution to this problem. Yii is actually founded on the PHP web programming language and was designed to lessen web app development time significantly.

If you are convinced that the Yii framework is what you need, take note that you will actually separate web app development into three steps. First, you will have to develop the database. Second, the Yii framework will make the base PHP code required. You can then tweak this code until you get the results you need. Yes, the Yii is an open-source system so you won’t have to pay for the license to be able to use it freely.

The main benefit of relying on this easy process is that you can code cleanly and even be able to reuse code where necessary. Another side benefit is that you don’t have to use features of the framework if you don’t think they are really needed. Caching support is strong. The Yii was made to be used closely with AJAX (also known as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) which is also used for web application development so you get the best of both systems. You will also find ample security features in the Yii such as Cross-site scripting prevention, SQL injection, output filtering, and input validation.

One of the attractions of the Yii is that you can make even complicated Web 2.0 applications within a tight schedule so that you meet your deadlines. If you are not an experienced Web developer though you may still get into a tight spot at times so it may make sense to hire Deific India InfoSolution to serve as your key developer. With help from Deific India InfoSolution, you won’t need to worry that you won’t meet your due date just because your learning curve is not matching the timeframe you are working under.

If you are interested in downloading the Yii framework, If you are already familiar with other Web programming frameworks you may be relieved to know that the Yii was actually patterned after some of the more popular of those including Jquery, Ruby on Rails, Prado, Joomla!, and Symfony – meaning that can help you adapt faster to the Yii itself.